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Order procedures of OEM Holographic Security Label / Registered Foil (HSL & RSF) & further information


1. Sufficient provision of the following information for the sake of quotation.

  • Size, Shape, Color, Quality
  • Application, e.g. credit cards, packaging boxes, books, toys, electrical appliances etc.
  • Stamping & sticking substrates, e.g. plastic, paper, laminated paper or any other special substrates. Please provide substrate sample for testing if available.
  • If requested on registered stamping foils, foil stamping facilities used should be clearly informed to ensure appropriate assistance provided.
  • If printing afterwards or any other treatment is needed after stamping, clients should inform and provide relating information for reference.
  • If not require, quotation of holographic security label would be based on the price of 1D/2D/3D holographic effects or ordinary label.

2. Better provide logo / design artwork files in AI format, or any other uncompressed picture files with high resolution. If photo of the real goods provided, photo image should be at least 500dpi.

3. Letter of registration should be provided if company logo/design/registered trademark is used. Letter of authority which states that K laser is authorized to manufacture the label with company logo should also be provided. (Format of letter of authority could be obtained from K Laser.)

4. Detail and official quotation would be provided if full information is obtained. Clients should sign back by return after receiving Sales Confirmation. The picture of preliminary label design would be sent to client for approval within one week once received signed back Sales Confirmation.

5. Sample of the label would be arranged and sent for client approval within one to two weeks. No alteration or modification is allowed once approved. If clients insist to do so, price for manufacturing a new mould would be charged.

6. Production lead time depends on the quantity of order and based on different situations. In normal case, mass production would be within two to three weeks.

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How to choose and apply Holographic film materials - PET, PVC, OPP?

We, K Laser continue to explore different holographic films in various types markets.
Regarding the material classification, it could be divided into PET, PVC and OPP, which are applied to different products and manufacturing processes:

1. PET – for advanced packaging and printing application
PET is extensively used which is high brightness and heat-resistance, particularly good at printing after laminated with the features of good stability and flatness. Besides, it is environmental friendly especially favorable for high-valued cosmetics and commercial products packaging.

2. PVC - for stickers and decoration
To produce a printed self-adhesive sticker with coated PVC film. Generally the thickness of the film is 35u or 50u and hence it is not ideal for folding. That’s why it’s always recommended to sheet lamination.

3. OPP - general packaging and gift box market
OPP is always selected by the low priced packaging markets as the brightness is not as good as others and its surface is also not suitable for printing.

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